How to keep your capret look great

Of course, the carpet you just installed looks great. But what happens to it after some period of use. Dirt, dust and stains distroy its previous look. To keep it looking its best for years you should follow the next tips.

First of all you should vacuum your carpet regularly. Keep your carpets clean by vacuuming them. There are different types of carpets. You should be aware of what kind of carpet you have to properly clean it. By vacuuming your carpet in a wrong way you can damage it. Loop carpets, for example, should be vacuumed only with suction, while pile carpets should be cleaned with a beater bar as they can withstand heavier cleaning.

Also, it’s very important to immediately treat stains that may happen. But you should be very careful with the treatment. Never rub or scrub the carpet. Rubbing or scrubbing can wear at the fabric and set the stain. Try to blot spills. Use white paper towels so that you don’t dye the carpet and add one more problem. Blot the stained area until it’s almost dry and only then vacuum it. You should make sure your carpet is dry as water left can lead to mold and bacteria problems.

There are a lot of stain-removal methods you may use. We all like to use club soda for red wine and coffee stains; the iron and transfer method for candle wax; and salt for mud, and wine. To remove stains from carpet try a mixture of dishwashing soap and water. But be careful as soap can be extremely hard to remove from carpet and dark spots will be the result you get. If you like to deodorize your carpets, you can also make your own homemade deodorizer. But strive to avoid chemical-laden options and make your deodorizer using baking soda and a few drops of essential oil.

If you don’t have time, effort or expertise necessary to treat your carpets, call the professional carpet cleaning service. They will help you keep your carpet in its best shape. You will be satisfied with the result. You can book a cleaning service to clean your carpets twice a year. You also can call a cleaner when some bad spill occurs. They will be always happy and ready to help you. Try to hire green cleaning services that don’t use chemicals while cleaning.

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