Carpet stain removing tips

Unfortunately spots can ruin your favorite carpeting. But you can save your favorite thing using the following tips. These tips were designed to simplify your housecleaning. Following them you will not only remove any stain but also will save time and effort. With today’s stain-resistant carpeting, it is not so difficult to treat different stains and spots. The key is to treat spills immediately. So you should act quickly! There are many stainproof carpets, but even they don’t have a 100% stainproof guarantee.

First of all strive to absorb the spill. Plain white paper towels or blot liquid with a dry absorbent cloth. Don’t use printed or colored materials as they may transfer dye or ink to your carpeting. To prevent the stain from spreading, start at the outside of the spot and move to the center. Continue until the area is damp. Dried bits of food can be vacuumed up or scooped up with a spoon. Don’t use a brush and do not scrub. Brushes and scrubbing may damage your carpet.

There are a lot of cleaning products designed to treat the spot or stain. Buy an approved quality cleaning product. Though it has been laboratory tested, you nevertheless should pretest the solution in a hidden area of your carpet or on a small piece of carpet. Read the product’s directions and follow them carefully. Apply a small amount of the solution to a cloth and work in gently. Start from the edges to the center. Don’t scrub – blot. Do this several times until you remove the spot. And don’t forget that you should not use a brush. And remember to pretest the cleaning product on a small spot of carpet.

What if you don’t want to buy expensive carpet cleaner, try one of these useful homemade remedies:

Use a detergent solution to treat the stain. Mix 1/4 tsp of a dishwashing liquid with one cup of warm water. Make sure to not use laundry detergent as it may be too harsh or contain bleach.

Also, you can use plain water. Did you know that water may work better than some carpet cleaners do? You may rely on plain water or use a white vinegar solution. Mix 1 cup white vinegar (it leaves no residue) with 1 cup of water. Be careful using both cleaning solutions bought in the store and your homemade solutions. Always test the solution on a tiny area to make sure it won’t damage or discolor the carpeting.

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